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If you need a loan and have limited credit history—or even no credit at all—we’re here to help. We’ll let you know if you qualify for a personal or a secured personal loan in minutes.

  • Affordable alternative to payday & title loans
  • Loans from $300–$10,000
  • APRs capped at 36%
  • Months instead of weeks to pay off
  • Money in as little as two hours

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Sometimes a loan is just a loan. Not with us.

  • Help establishing your credit history
  • Easy-to-understand credit education and resources
  • Lower rates for returning customers in good standing
  • No prepayment penalties or balloon payments

More personal loan options

We understand that everyone has different financial needs, so we want to offer more personal loan options. If you qualify, Oportun may offer you a secured personal loan, which allows you to use your car as collateral.

With a secured loan you:

  • Get all the benefits of the personal loans we’ve always offered
  • Will likely be able to borrow more money at a lower APR
  • Have more time to pay off your loan

Pay less and get more

We believe the best kind of loan is one you can pay off. On average, our customers save $1,000 on their first personal loan compared to other alternative lenders.

Unlike most alternative lenders, we report your account activity to nationwide credit bureaus to help you establish credit history. We want to help you set yourself up for success now and in the future.

Voices from our community

I was tired of all the nos. Once I found out about Oportun, all that went away. There’s not a no. There’s a yes. Approved. You’re qualified.


Voices from our community

Every time you go into Oportun, they make you feel like family. They will also help you with your credit score.


Voices from our community

The loan was easy. The people were friendly. I do feel like a part of the community.


Voices from our community

I think having good credit in the U.S. is indispensable. Thanks to Oportun, they gave me the opportunity to start building my credit and reach my goals.



For your application, you’ll need:

  • Valid ID
  • Proof of income
  • Proof of address
  • Up to four references

For a secured personal loan, you’ll also need: vehicle title, registration, driver’s license, and a few pictures of your car.

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What documentation do I need to apply for a personal loan?

Be prepared to share the following documents:

  • A valid photo ID, such as a driver’s license, passport, consular ID card, or a non-U.S. ID card (we accept from most countries)
  • Proof of income, such as current paystubs or current bank statements
  • Verification of address, such as a piece of mail with your name and address (cannot be a PO box)
  • Up to four personal references, which can include friends, family, or employers
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What are the document requirements for a secured personal loan?

  1. Original vehicle title
  2. Vehicle registration (original or copy, must be registered in CA)
  3. Driver’s license (US issued or international)
  4. Proof of income
  5. Proof of address
  6. Pictures of your car (front, back driver side, passenger side, VIN, and odometer)
  7. Bank account and routing number for instant verification
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How fast is the application process for a personal loan?

We know your time is valuable and we’re committed to providing you with fast service. Prequalification takes only minutes and will not impact your FICO® credit score. The full application process typically takes under 10 minutes if you supply the correct documentation. Most approved applicants receive their funds the same day they apply.

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How can I make a personal loan payment in person?

Payments are accepted at any Oportun store  or in hundreds of convenient locations that provide CheckFree Pay, MoneyGram, or PayNearMe.

In Oportun stores, we accept cash, checks, and money orders. Please bring exact amounts, as we are not able to make change. However, we’ll credit any excess funds to your account.

You can also pay at Walmart, Kmart, CVS, 7-Eleven, grocery stores, corner stores, Family Dollar stores, and hundreds of other locations that accept CheckFree Pay, MoneyGram, or PayNearMe payments. Oportun does not receive any portion of the fees charged by the vendors above for making a payment. No fees for using these payment options will be charged to customers in California, New Jersey, New Mexico, or Wisconsin if the loan was disbursed in these states.

  • No fee: Find a CheckFreePay location—you will need your Oportun loan number (located in your loan documents), name, and phone number associated with your loan.
  • No fee: Find a MoneyGram location—you will need your Oportun loan number (located in your loan documents). If you’re making payments on a personal loan, use receive code 7991. If you’re making payments toward an auto loan, use receive code 14565.
  • A $1.99 fee may apply: Find a PayNearMe location—you will need your PayNearMe barcode, located in your loan documents.

Options for auto loan payments are temporarily limited while we roll out this new product, but we’re adding new options all the time.

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